Dark Skies

Hey! Lookit that!

So we’ve got two characters now, Maria Santigo and Doyle Street, alieviating my worry that no one was actually interested. Let’s get a communication going via e-mail and see if we can hammer out a SOP on how this is going to run. Also, since I know I’ve got interest beyond my wife now, I’ll see about setting up our very own Ventrillo server so we can use that too. It shouldn’t be too hard after the experience I gained getting Screen Monkey working.

Poo flinging is a go!

I’ve got a screen monkey server set up (with no small amount of pounding my head on the keyboard, let me tell you). The access password has been sent to all the invitees to take a look and see if they’re comfortable with the program. I like Screen Monkey because it requires no client side software which means less effort for everyone else AND it’s not to expensive if I decide to buy the full version. Give feedback.

Since I don’t havea static IP address from my internet provider, that Screen Monkey address may be subject to occasional change. I don’t anticipate it changing often enough that it’ll be a huge issue. If and when we use it for gaming, I’ll send out an e-mail with the current address in it in case it’s changed.

What you will need

Currently, the only thing you’ll need to participate in the game is a passing knowledge of the D20 modern rules and access to the D20 modern SRD

Lvl 1 human characters, standard ability score roles. Once your character is complete, go ahead and create them here. There’s a tutorial on how to do that on this site if it’s not intuitive.

Considering Expansion

I had originally planned this as a one-on-one deal run for my wife. However, she has mistaken this site for a play-online sort of affair instead of an information organizing tool and is very excited about playing with some friends we have not had an opportunity to play with for some time. Thus, we’re looking at several software options for online play. There’s a discussion of various options and programs here

I’ve invited these “players in abscentia” so they can check out this site and give feedback. Let me know your thoughts guys!

The story of the film so far...


As with any Palladium setting, there are a LOT of character options in the original setting material. However, I feel that in the case of Nightspawn, the particular variety that they chose to include does a disservice to the game as a whole. Some of the available options are simply innapropriate in certain genres. The setting attempts to be a mix of action and horror, and fails at both because of the greatly varried power levels of the character options available. Nightspawn RCCs along with Guardians are easily the biggest bads in town, and playing one effectively ruins any attempt at the horror genre. On the other hand, running an action game that is challenging for these characters means that any number of less combat effective OCCs are fairly worthless, reducing the fun of the game for them. In addition, only the Nightspawn RCC was given any real attention. While other options are available as rule blocks, ability lists, and small blurbs they lack any serious development. While this makes them fun for both players and GMs from an “option for narrative development outside the constraints of the official setting” standpoint, it’s obvious on what the designers chose to focus. Because I want to focus on the horror aspect of the game and because it reduces the need for large amounts of building d20 equivalents, I have instructed the player(s) to build only normal human characters.


Because I intend to focus on the horror aspect of the setting, the less familiar the player(s) are with the various factions and archetypes within the setting, the better. For all intents and purposes, the player(s) should treat the setting as if it were the earth of today. Though the offical setting is set in the (then) far off future of the year 2005, I will not be worrying about making such a minor distinction.


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